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"We spent some time with the awesome Terpstra family and their wicked Basement Garage rehearsal and jam space in The County recently. If you are a musician - or just wish you were - you should check this place out..."


The Basement Garage is a private rehearsal space we created for ourselves that we think would be enjoyed by other musicians.   We are an affordable rehearsal space where all musicians can create and share their music in a comfortable setting.  

The Basement Garage studio is 1500 sq ft - surrounded by 40 acres of private land.  The studio is equipped with instruments, microphones and powerful amps all feeding into a 12 channel sound board connected to monitors and powered speakers.

The Basement Garage set-up provides enough power for you to crank the volume.  Our country setting allows for the freedom to play your music as loud as it was meant to be heard.  

Whether you are professional musicians looking for space to refine your work, or a closet player or singer who wants to get together and just jam...

...the Basement Garage is the Perfect Place to Rock!

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